AO Quadrum Deck

AO Quadrum Deck

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The Quadrum is designed for street. It’s 5.2” (132 mm) wide which makes lacing 50s a snap. The extra width also increases control and makes it more comfortable to ride. AO  also dug out features from our early decks like the square tail from our Sigma deck which eliminates the need for pegs. Sturdy welds at the rear end prevent bending of the dropouts. First introduced on our 2012 Epsilon deck are 1 ¾” wide grind rails (45 mm) which give you more control on rails and ledges and prevent catching. We also increased the headtube angle to 83 degrees and made the nose blunt area wider in the front.

Quadrum Features:

  • NEW 5.2” wide (132 mm)
  • NEW square tail
  • NEW welded rear dropouts
  • NEW 1 ¾” wide grind rails (45 mm)
  • NEW 83 degree headtube angle
  • High tensile axle bolts
  • Flex brake
  • NEW increased nose blunt area

-          Length/size: L 22”, 560 mm. Size S 20 ½” (520 mm) and M 21 ¼” (535 mm)